Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bizarre Weather Forecast

I totally didn’t expect the heavy rain which started yesterday morning would last till late at night. The weather seems to be getting more and more unpredictable that even the Met Service cannot provide an accurate weather forecast for Singapore. On 1st Dec it issued a statement:

"a surge of Northeast Monsoon wind could bring widespread intermittent moderate to heavy rain to Singapore" between Tuesday and Friday.

and later on 3rd Dec it did a correction to its previous forecast:

But now, the Met Service said such moderate to heavy rain has only been seen in parts of Indonesia, but not in Singapore as earlier forecast.

"The forecast of widespread moderate to heavy rain in the next few days is no longer expected in Singapore. The winds are expected to weaken in the next few days," it said.

It later issued a third statement through a Straits Times article on 5th Dec stating:

Northeast monsoon means heavy showers may last till weekend

SINGAPORE experienced widespread intermittent rain, heavy at times, on Wednesday, brought about by the northeast monsoon.

This marks the start of the rainy season here, which usually lasts from December to January, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) in a statement.”

NEA said the island's been experiencing windy conditions in the past several days, due to the onset of the northeast monsoon in the region since late November.

Windy conditions are also common.

NEA said the forecast for Thursday is cloudy with intermittent rain, heavy at times.

Afternoon showers may be expected on Friday and Saturday.

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