Thursday, December 13, 2007

Phone Scam Again!

Phone scammers again! Yes, they are getting more creative and convincing with their evil-doings but I wonder why do some Singaporeans continue to be cheated by them? Haven’t the police informed the public through the mainstream media to be more discerning when they receive calls from people who claim to be government officers?

The Straits Times wrote:

Woman cheated by elaborate phone scam

A WOMAN has reported to police that she was cheated by phone scammers who used a money laundering ruse to con her into transferring $2,500 from her bank account.

The Chinese woman in her mid-20s, said she was at a shopping complex along Selegie Road on Wednesday when she received a call from a voice recorded message in Mandarin at about noon.

The caller said she had a message from the High Court and told her to press 9. She was transferred to a Mandarin-speaking woman who told her she had a pending case against her.

The complainant was then transferred to another woman, named Yang, who told her that her account number was found in a list and suspected her of being involved in money laundering.

Yang then transferred her call to another woman who she said was a judge by the name of Li.

The 'judge' asked the complainant for details of her bank accounts, and told her to withdraw $2,500 from one account to verify the authentication, and to transfer the money to an international account.

The woman did as told.

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