Saturday, November 17, 2007

Singapore lifts ban on Mass Effect game

It’s pretty silly for Singapore to ban the game Mass Effect just because it contains some lesbian sex scenes. MDA was obviously only looking at the sexual content of Mass Effect and possibly also did not like the occasional use of the word “bastard” and at least one aggressive use of the word “bitch”. Thank goodness, they lifted the ban and allowed it to be released after all under an M18 rating. Adults like me who love gaming can finally get the originals from the stores in Singapore and need not worry about breaking the law by downloading it secretly from the internet. The article below was reproduced from Straits Times.

MDA lifts ban on game with same-sex love scene
By Leung Wai-Leng

In a reversal of its earlier decision, the Media Development Authority (MDA) has decided to allow role-playing game Mass Effect to be released here under an M18 rating.

The Board of Film Censors (BFC) said in a statement on Friday evening that it will selectively use games ratings to 'enable highly anticipated games to be launched in Singapore' until it puts in place a games classification system in January.

The statement said that 'this will allow such games to enter the market with immediacy and give the industry and members of the public a better understanding of the benefits of the proposed games classification system'.

Mass Effect was banned earlier for containing a same-sex love scene, making Singapore the only country to disallow its sale. It caused a furore among local and international gamers.

Other games with graphic violence such as popular action game Assassin's Creed - released this week - was allowed on store shelves after distributors affixed a consumer advisory label declaring the game 'Not to be sold to young children'.

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Glad they finally came to their senses.