Friday, November 23, 2007

MDA Directors doing Rap! Hype and Happening!

We have MDA directors doing rap! Do you remember Singapore’s P65 MPs doing a hip hop sometime ago to engage the youth? They certainly can’t beat the MDA directors! Very soon we will have senior grassroot leaders doing rap too to engage the elderly Singaporeans! This rap is so funny as it is making public officers in suits look silly! And Ya really gonna check out the other blogs!

MDA Senior Director's Rap

Cluelessness in Full Flight

Sing along to MDA Senior Management Rap

Yo! Singapore censor rap hits YouTube

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore's Media Development Authority, which regulates and censors media and the arts, has scored an unexpected hit on YouTube with a rap video about the city-state's media ambitions.

The YouTube posting has received more than 11,000 hits -- and a string of snide postings on the video site. The government body aims to promote the growth of the media industry, to promote "core values" and safeguard consumer interests, its Web site says. It hopes the rap video will showcase its potential to be "a vibrant media city".

But critics say this ambition does not rhyme with Singapore's regular censorship of films and theatre and the many defamation lawsuits its government have launched against foreign media.

In the video, middle-aged executives are seen moving and shaking to a rap tune, mouthing lines from a corporate brochure.

"William Hung is more entertaining," said one of the YouTube postings, referring to the goofy singer made famous in American Idol.

Update: The video has since been put up on the popular TechCrunch.

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