Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Briton Bo Davis apologises to Singaporean trishaw man

Mr Bo Davis has publicly apologised to Mr Lee Shee Lam saying it was “disrespectful and insensitive” to make fun of an old man but Mr Bo Davis who was accused of being a bully, claimed they did pay the full fare of S$10, contrary to trishaw rider’s Mr Lee’s claim. AsiaOne reported the news as below:

Brit tourist who mocked S'pore trishaw man apologises on Net

We are sorry for what we did. So says one of the British tourists caught in the middle of an Internet controversy involving an elderly Singaporean trishaw rider. The three visitors were slammed on the Internet for mocking the 67-year-old rider during a trip here. They were also accused of not paying their fare after the ride.

One of them, Mr Bo Davis, has written a public apology for his. But he also said, contrary to trishaw rider Lee Shee Lam's claim, they did pay the full fare of $10.

A video posted by Mr Davis, 26, caused a furore on the Internet. The video showed the trio squeezed on board Mr Lee's trishaw as the elderly rider struggled to pedal under their weight. Mr Lee was later seen going from one passenger to the next to ask for his fare before they left in a taxi.

Mr Davis sent the apology to the Singaporean who re-posted the video on YouTube, a Netizen who identified himself only as Jimmy. In the note, Mr Davis said, in hindsight, the video "does look very bad". He wrote: "I offer my sincerest apologies to Mr Lee, his son and everyone that has been offended."

He added it was "disrespectful and insensitive" to make fun of an old man. Recalling the night of the incident, Mr Davis maintained his group later paid the full $10 fare. "I know I was laughing, but I wouldn't dream of not paying for the ride - that would be unforgivable," he wrote.

When told that Mr Davis claimed to have paid the full fare, Mr Sam Lee, the trishaw rider's son, said he stood by his father's account. However, he added: "But then again, the incident was three months ago, and old people may not have the best memory."

He said he has already let the matter rest, and he hopes Netizens will do the same.


The Oriental Express said...

James, you merely report what has already been written in the papers. Readers would like to know what your feelings and opinions are.

James Chia said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my site.

I have already linked my previous post in this. In my previous post, I have made my stand on this matter that I was unhappy with him not feeling remorseful over what he had done to an elderly like Mr Lee. Instead, he was putting blame on others. This post was to make known that he has publicly made an apology for what he had done.