Wednesday, September 26, 2007

See How Creative Singaporeans Can Be

We have been complaining how uncreative Singaporeans are and how they are spoon-fed by teachers at school. The following illustrated how creative Singaporeans can be in making their dissatisfactions known:

Attack of the Eight Elephants

Eight paper cut-outs of white elephants were put up outside Buangkok MRT Station in August 2005 by some Raffles Girls’ School students to show their silent protest against its non-opening. Very innovative indeed. The ruling party may have got the ‘hint’ and perhaps forced SBS Transit to announce the opening 5 months later before it turned into a political issue against them during the General Elections 2006.

Online Petition - NKF

Also in 2005, there was an unprecedented massive online petition which involved some 43,000 netizens against the old management of NKF, in particular Mr T T Durai, who was the Number 1 target after the public found out about his extravagant spendings on public money like the ‘Golden Tap issue’. The government, in particular the Ministry of Health, and Mdm Ho Ching, wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong initially supported Mr Durai and contributed NKF’s success to him. They backed down after public pressure. Shortly after, the government launched a public lawsuit against some board members in the old management.

Odex Saga

Hundreds took up arms in a mass street protest against Odex’s hard line stance on Anime Privacy. Oh, not humans. Just anime figurines like Ultraman, Gundam Zakus, etc. There were anti-riot vehicles and policemen at the ‘riot’ scene but they all could not arrest the troublemakers.

All Black at Centrepoint

It was initiated by some forummers on Sammyboy Forum to protest against the compulsory annuity policy announced by the Government, which allows a payout only from the age of 85. Wearing black to shop on Orchard Road is not a crime but this event, although being small-scaled, certainly influenced the Government’s decision making on the policy.


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DK said...

I guess Singaporeans can be even more creative without all the govt restrictions.

puresunshine said...


i managed it!


Anonymous said...

Re: Raffles Girls School/Buangkok White Elephants - I believe it was actually Buangkok residents who put up the White Elephant cutouts. The RGS girls got into the news because they sold T shirts with white elephant prints. Both are just as creative, I suppose!