Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Newcomer to the Blogosphere

Over the past year, I am deeply concerned over the state of affairs in my beloved country. Although we may seem to be living in a first-world country with a per capita GDP of S$46, 832 (Source: www.singstat.gov.sg), there are still many socio-political problems such as the following:

  • the ever-widening income gap between the elites and the common Singaporeans
  • the lack of substantial consultations with the public before the implementation of any new government policy
  • the reluctance of the ruling party to engage in public debates with members from the opposition and certain non-governmental groups
  • the recent disproportionate price hikes even though there is only a 2% increase in GST
  • the proposed compulsory Annuity policy to tackle the problems of an ageing population
  • the over-emphasis on material wealth in our society
  • the over-emphasis on attracting foreigners to take up citizenships resulting in some social problems

I would express my views on the above problems on a regular basis and I welcome constructive comments. Regards.

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